“The Martian” Review

Absolutely brilliant film, not used to seeing Matt Damon being funny, particularly in a drama, and stranger still for me to see Ridley Scott being lighthearted at times but it works. Two and a half hour-ish runtime flys by and you have the comedy, suspense and drama all perfectly executed. The Martian won a Golden Globe for best picture comedy, and even Scott commented on the nominated genre, but it does give enough to fall in there thanks to Matt Damon’s performance. I’d liken it to Cast Away if anything but the focus is not solely on the cast away-ee but you’re kind of left wishing it was and that would be my only critique in that the isolationism, at least for me, could have been a bit more deeply felt.

In summary, a brilliant film and absolutely worth a watch.

Verdict: Watch it.

Check out the review posted on Letterboxd which is an excellent film sharing and movie diary website to keep track of your watchlist, reviews and favourites…and it’s free!!



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