Born in the backwater of the technological and all round pop culture black hole that is Ireland and living vicariously through YouTube and other sites where I get my fix of all things I love!!

Greetings everyone, my name is Alan and I’ve finally managed to set up, and use, a blog.  My interests are that of any red-blooded, thirty something male…yup, films, music, gaming, books, food, travel and photography…oh and avoiding as many adult responsibilities as possible!

The plan is to use this blog as an excuse to post random ramblings, movie trailers and reviews, food bits, photographs and whatever else takes my extremely flaky mood.

Please feel free to get in touch, comment, tweet, etc with anything you think I’d like, something you want to talk about, argue about or just generally shoot the shit. Topics are going to be confined to the categories on the sidebar but, generally and in no particular order, include;

1. Movies – My absolute favourite hobby is sitting in a really comfortable chair, eating toffee popcorn and watching a movie on a huge screen with the volume up to 11!  This sequence of events is called going to the cinema and it is my ideal waste of time!  Genres are varied but a good action/adventure, comedy or thriller will be viewed and, of course, sci-fi.

2. Music – Not a musical snob or anything, and to be quite honest the quality of taste is directly inversely proportionate to the amount of alcohol consumed, however I, like many before, got my taste in music from my father and it was a fine education! Anything from The Rolling Stones to Michael Buble and classical to house is probably on the iPod.

3.  Gaming – If there is one subject I don’t have that many people to talk with about, it is video games!  I have played them since I can remember and my earliest memory of Christmas is getting a SNES and I play them to this day.  Favourites include Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid and Gears of War.

Excuse the absolute barren expanse of time between posts….i’m shy!

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