What I’m taking from EA’s E3 conference!

Ok so from all that what I got was FIFA is at least attempting to innovate by introducing a story mode, will I play…no but it’s a A for effort.  Star Wars is continuing to be a cash cow for EA with no signs of going anywhere.  I would imagine of all the fans who were happy to see The Force Awakens do well was EA’s creativity department because they can pretty much do anything now and people will buy it.  I’m not going to go on a Battlefront rant here…that’s for later.  But speaking of battle, Battlefield 1 actually does look like something I will be getting.  It looks like a return to the glory days of Call of Duty or Medal of Honour with actual historic warfare which I always found to be a bit more on point with regards to tone and context because it’s always there in the back of your mind that people actually went through this expereince and make it somewhat more real.  Not a lover of the Call of Duty games, the set pieces in Modern Wafare, 2 and 3 were pretty impressive but they did start to take the proverbial piss with the repetitive entries over the past number of years but with the trailer for Battlefield 1 looking rather impressive maybe my penchant for FPS could be rekindled!