DOOM (1993) Review (PSN Complete Version)

Ok, so I won’t bore you with the tedious details of trying to find the best version of the game to play combined with being able to capture footage for the companion video to this review! Suffice it to say that after trying the Steam, original DOS versions, etc., I settled on the PS3 PSN download playing Ultimate Doom on “Hurt Me Plenty” difficulty. I … Continue reading DOOM (1993) Review (PSN Complete Version)

“The Martian” Review

Absolutely brilliant film, not used to seeing Matt Damon being funny, particularly in a drama, and stranger still for me to see Ridley Scott being lighthearted at times but it works. Two and a half hour-ish runtime flys by and you have the comedy, suspense and drama all perfectly executed. The Martian won a Golden Globe for best picture comedy, and even Scott commented on … Continue reading “The Martian” Review