Justice League (Trailer 1 HD)

With the release, and success, of Wonder Woman here’s a reminder of how Justice League is shaping up! Although, with the recent news that Mr. Marvel himself, Joss Whedon, has taken over the reigns from Zack Snyder and doing “significant reshoots”*, this may not be an accurate portrayal of the final product!!

*  https://moviepilot.com/p/joss-whedon-role-taking-over-justice-league-revealed/4290911


Justice League Trailer 1 (Reaction)

Ok,  I don’t have the camera set up yet but I had to do a quick reaction to the new Justice League trailer which I saw this morning.  In case you haven’t seen it yet I’ve linked it below so scroll down to see my thoughts…

I think that was quite good.  Batman V Superman left a lot to be desired and the dvd release extended edition made it that much more watchable but I think Aquaman comes out of it looking the best here.  One niggle is the absence of Superman which was spoiled by the ending of BvS as we know he’s still alive so any hype about that is going to be very forced.  Having said that…I am going to go see it and allowing myself to get excited.